Welcome to Turtle Venture Consultants

Your Startup’s Crack Team

We are a boutique consulting firm offering services focused on taking startups and new ventures from Zero to One. We act as a startup’s crack team specializing in Product Management, setting up operations from scratch, finding “lighthouse” customers, business model validation, revenue model validation, business development and partner development. We help startups reach the stage where they can raise funds from Institutional investors.

We engage with startups to develop business plan, financial projections and Investor decks that would stand the scrutiny of the most diligent Investors. Our deep engagement during the business plan development phase has helped startups define their products, services, business & revenue models and target markets clearly and effectively.

We also help startups in fund-raising through our personal networks in the Venture Capital industry and through investment banking partners.

Contact us to know how our services can help your startup.